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September 30, 2016

CLIENT FILES: Actress Ninja Devoe on NETFLIX/Marvel Comics' Luke Cage

It was another red carpet moment this week for my client, Ninja Devoe. Last month, I styled her for her her red carpet for the premiere of QUEEN SUGAR on Oprah's Network, OWN. This week, my client will be in Netflix's/Marvel Comics' Luke Cage which is a much anticipated show that will stream today! I styled my client in a gorgeous black and gold dress by Theia Couture which looked like it was made for her and jewelry by Alex Soldier Jewelry.

December 10, 2015

Trendy Thursdays ~ Accessory Spotlight, ANMARÉ

As a stylist, I always love finding new brands and figuring out how I can include them within projects I am working on. I headed to Soho to check out ANMARÉ which is the combination of three sisters (taking the first two letters of each name - Anna, Marlenn and Rebecca) who came together to create a fabulous 14K gold vermeil line filled with statement jewelry that includes sapphire, emerald, lapis, turquoise and more. The jewelry combines design aesthetics that focus on the sisters' Brooklyn upbringing (pieces are made in NYC), Middle Eastern roots, vintage fashion and antiques from museums and galleries.

I fell in love with this necklace as you can wear it in the front as well as in the back for a number of backless dresses.

November 30, 2015

Mode Mondays ~ How To Wear Gold in Autumn

As a stylist, I am always asked about how accessories and apparel can be worn during certain events or times of the year. Check out my latest article in Vogue Italia on how gold can be worn during the Autumn. It is available in English and in Italian (this will be up shortly).

October 30, 2015

Fashionable Fridays ~ Botkier, SS16


Yesterday I attended a number of previews. When Botkier showcased its upcoming SS16 collection, it included a number of nudes and new body shapes. In addition to handbags, a new jewelry line was launched which really speaks back to the line. You can see some of my favorites and stay in the loop on what I see before it's released on my Instagram, @AccessoryExpert.

September 19, 2015

Savor Saturdays ~ Gold Hamsa Pendant

Mon and Tues I will style two shoots that I am super excited about and currently have phenomenal jewelry, shoes, accessories and more sitting at my home waiting to be used in both. I won't share details just yet but just continue to check out my Instagram and Twitter to stay in the loop! As a Fashion Stylist, I pull a number of pieces for my projects but it doesn't mean that each and every item makes it to set or even the final 4 - 6 images that are selected! So I thought that because these two shoots are so epic, that I would take quick snaps of them.

Buddha Mama has been one of my favorite jewelry brands for the past few years as I love the attention to detail as well as the fact that it pulls from so many cultures. This 20 karat gold Hamsa has diamonds and emeralds and is a fabulous pendant to wear on a chain to amp any look that you happen to wear!

August 16, 2015

Style Sundays ~ Stylist Tip - Johnson Baby Powder

A few weeks back, I went to a Johnson's Beauty event to see how you can use these products everyday especially for those that do not have children! As a fashion stylist, I always have a number of ways of how I use products in my day to day life. You've seen me include a number of the items in various Instagram posts when I'm organizing, outdoors here and here. I am an avid user of the baby oil as it keeps my skin moisturizer and is great to calm your skin if you have areas that rub together especially in this heat. Johnson's Baby Powder is something I really like using and a stylist, there may be some tips that you can use as well.

While I was at the event, I learned that if you're on the beach and you're trying to get sand off of you, sprinkle some baby powder on your hands or areas that are affected and rub them together - the sand falls off! If you want to take off the residue baby powder, their baby wipes are the perfect way to take everything off. In addition here are tips that I use daily whether at home, on set, when styling my clients and more:


Treat Your Oily Stains

When I'm on set or a client has worn a garment, you realize that oils from food has landed on a piece that either needs to be returned to a showroom or is apart of my styling closet. I don't always take my fabric pens with me but by dabbing a bit of baby powder on the affected area, I am able to stop the stain from getting into the clothing and can treat it with either dry cleaning or washing it.

Skin to Clothing Contact

Fashion is a funny business as a number of my fashion editorial shoots that I style takes place at opposite portions of the season! When I styled a May shoot, I happened to do this on a 10 degree day in March and my upcoming Sept shoot which focuses on fall with leather and fur, this was shot on a 98 degree day in May! On a hot day when my models are wearing lambskin and other garments, to cool their skin, a thin layer of baby powder not only gives them a bit of cooling relief but when they pull off these layers which tend to stick (think of sitting in a car with leather seats against your bare skin), they are able to peel it off much easier! It's also very easy to remove as well.

Untangling Pesky Jewelry Chains

I use jewelry rolls when I am carrying my jewelry to set, working with my clients or when I go on air as an Accessory Expert to talk about fashion, style and accessories - as I need to have everything as organized as possible. They are then returned to these rolls when I am done. But there are times when delicate chains get knotted (sometimes when they arrive to me via mail or messenger), this happens as well. Untangling these items causes a lot of time and sometimes, I couldn't use them in the past; however, Johnson's Baby Powder is such a great item to have for this. I simply sprinkle some on the chains to loosen the knot then I have a thin pin that helps me to work the knot out! If you have a grouping of chains that you have been avoiding, this is definitely a weekend project to do!

August 13, 2015

Trendy Thursdays ~ Accessory Refresh with Layered Necklaces

Yesterday was definitely a great day as Statement Stylist and Accessory Expert, I am always a fan of checking out accessory previews. Although I went to a number of them yesterday, those who follow me know that I am a fan of Sequin Jewelry which has a wide array of pieces that are within my sweet spot of statement jewelry and gold from chunky one of a kind necklaces, stacked bracelets and charms. Yesterday, I had the perfect pieces to add new visual texture to my look with a piece or two for Paul (as I am a Virgo, I had to get him his own Leo necklace). If you have yet to check out their site, it's a must and be on the lookout for their upcoming Fall 15 and Resort 16 collections.

July 25, 2015

Savor Saturdays ~ E. Shaw Jewels, Holiday Preview

E. Shaw Jewels had their holiday preview earlier this week. I am such a fan of this store as it's a jewelry delight in Soho. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some of my favorite pieces as there is always something new. Key pieces that were perfect for holiday gifting were on display. I'm obsessed with the fossilized seashells which were new to me upon visiting. In addition, I love that they are always throwing wine and shopping events which makes it a fun way to enjoy the day whether alone or with your girlfriends (just check their site out to see when the next one is). As a Statement Fashion Stylist this is definitely something I would incorporate into an upcoming shoot without a doubt.

July 02, 2015

Trendy Thursdays ~ Accessorize Pre Holiday

Yes the holiday is around the corner but that doesn't mean that the projects stop. In fact today I am picking up pieces for my menswear shoot tomorrow as a number of buildings will be closed tomorrow in observance of the Fourth of July. With that said, it's all about keeping it easy today with one of my favorite bags to carry when I don't have too much to bring - this cobalt bag from Hayden Harnett is one of my favorites even though this color is from a few seasons ago. I also love rocking fun statement pieces from Sequin Jewelry whether alone or layered with other pieces and one of my most comfortable pair of sandals from Pikolinos! Since it gets toasty, I always like bringing a beverage with me and love Coco5 which I recently received to try out and of course I am hooked.

Ibiza Flight Tote - Hayden Harnett; Alcudia - Pikolinos; Virgo Zodiac Necklace - Sequin Jewelry; Coco5

June 29, 2015

Mode Mondays ~ Styled by Accessory2, Baby Foot

Earlier today, I had a great time with the Baby Foot team who flew in from Japan to see the culmination of their May contest winner being outfitted like a modern day princess. Unlike a number of my projects which involve styling fashion editorial spreads, personalities, celebrities - this involved styling their winner. Last month, Baby Foot sought their fairytale princess who would meet their Prince Charming. The winner, was styled by me today in Fadwa Baalbaki a stunning couture dress designer who is known for stunning creations that are custom made and are available in Beirut and Dubai (yes this dress arrived to me in Dubai).

I love incorporating Nina Shoes when it's a glam moment. She was accented in jewelry, a clutch and pink heels that matched the gown perfectly! One of the things that I love about the projects that come across the desk of Accessory2 are the challenges that come my way in completing my vision. A modern day princess that still speaks to our fairytale ideas while also being something that can be worn by an NYC girl for a night on the town? Check, check. This styling was not only captured in pictures but is apart of a promotional video for the brand as they will be selling in the US shortly. More details on this soon when it is available.

As you know, I am an Office Champ which allows me to share with you how I use Microsoft software in my day to day life. As a Fashion Stylist, it's about me finding out what the client wants, their vision, what I have found in the marketplace (whether it's this season, next season or custom) and then additional notes. I have been using Sway for a little over 6 months as I have always loved putting this info in a spreadsheet (which I still do) and then I put the Sway together to keep it visual. It also allows the information to go to a number of people whether my primary contact wanted to send it back to her boss and team in Japan or if MUA and hairstylists needed to see the direction etc. I am able to add in items and take them out as needed and it's also good for a recap. Below you can see a version of my Sway (note that some items have been modified in terms of information, contacts etc) that I used to make this project happen (as I had a week to do everything) between the LA team, Japanese team and my showrooms/designers.

<iframe width="800px" height="500px" src="https://sway.com/s/GLwFlvz8DlJcP7Hh/embed" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" style="border: none; max-width:100%; max-height:100vh" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe>

Kimmie is a Celebrity Statement Fashion Stylist, Style/Accessory Expert and TV Personality who is the Co-Founder and Style Director of Athleisure Mag. She is also the Fashion Editor of DJ Mag and contributor to MIMI (Time Inc's beauty site) and Vogue.it. Accessory Agenda is a behind the scenes look at her work on and off set as well as items that are on her essential list for your wardrobe.

As a Fashion Stylist, Kimmie's work has been worn on a number of celebrities, personalities and has been published within an array of magazines (Esquire, DJ Mag, Heaven Has Heels, Velvet Magazine Dubai and more). You can see more of her work at Statement Stylist as well as her full portfolio. You can also find out more about Mens Athleisure which is co-founded by Kimmie focusing on menswear fashion editorials.

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