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October 10, 2013
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Trendy Thursdays ~ Tarte Cosmetic Musts

When it comes to my beauty look, it's all about keeping it simple and yet dynamic at the same time! One of my favorite products comes from Tarte Cosmetics which is paraben free, gluten free and is not tested on animals which is a great thing to know when you're wearing makeup. For those who are vegan, their products are extremely vegan friendly. I love a natural look with pops of color so eyeliner is a prime part of my look as I love a dark black color. But my second most important portion of the look is my cheeks. Thankfully, I have high cheek bones naturally and contrary to what some may think, having blush in the pink tones is amazing on caramel complected people - so don't be shy! I'm such a fan of their Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush which comes in a range of hues. I'm known to mix two hues together so I highly suggest Flush (deep berry) with Exposed (nude). This combo is perfect as the bright the blush is, you can mix with a golden tone to slightly bring the hue down while still having a high pop of color. This can be applied with the most essential element an Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush which will ensure that the blush is distributed evenly.

Lips are another essential to creating a great look and I love a fun pop of pink as well. I love starting with a great base and he wide lip pencils that have a bit of high gloss is perfect! Tarte Cosemtics' LipSurgence Lip Tint in Enchanted (Rose) brings in the perfect color. This can be worn alone or layered in with another lip gloss or lipstick for a dramatic look. Of course, there are a range of hues which is always fun to play with. Although these are great places for me to start there are a number of makeup options and tools that are available to take my look to another level depending on what look I am going for from day to night. Check out what needs to be added to your kit so that you're always ready!

April 06, 2013
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Swoonfest Saturdays ~ NBC's Fashion Star Fabulous Hues

Last week I had to share one of the favorite looks that was created by Johana from NBC's Fashion Star. This week she was paired with Daniel again as they had to create separate pieces that are meant to be worn together in order to create a cohesive look! Yet again, I was all about Johana's look as her pencil skirt was perfection and I love Daniel's tops! During the show, there were three distinct variations that made it on the runway; however, when it came to production (as Saks actually bought both), you can see that they have a blush/black ensemble as well as a black/white combo. The beauty of this look is that they look fabulous separately but when placed together, it's as if you have a dress!

Roll over the images to see how I would accessorize the above in terms of shoes and handbags! In addition, see how these items are a universal for your accessories and how you can include it within other looks that you plan on wearing during this season and the next! You'll find these accessories consist of Reed Krakoff, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta and Stephanie Cesaire.

August 28, 2011
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Snazzy Sunday ~ The Boudoir Revisted

Yesterday I escaped from NY on the last plane to head to Tampa, FL in order to be here in time for my segments on HSN as Sebago's spokesperson. My thoughts are definitely back home as I hope everyone survived and continues to hold it down while the storm passes. If I were home, I'd stay inside and wouldn't even think about leaving. I would think about how I could work out a room that we have yet to think about in Paul and I's 2 bedroom apartment. The second room is a bit of a catch all of sort. Is it a guestroom, going to stay an office or could it be a drawing room? The possibilities go on and there is no reason why we can't just mix the 3 ideas into one. I like the idea of having this boudoir theme that serves so many functions whether someone is staying over, Paul is working on something or we just want to move into another space!

Today, I'm inspired by Lola Haze which has this Victorianesque dark elements that are sensual which is seen throughout her collection and especially in the Embrace Cami and Short! You know that I am a fan of nudes highlighted by black when it comes to color. This black/nude or black/blush combo is perfect whether you're decorating to your own taste or want to bring two gender's aesthetic together via color. I am loving the use of the colors within the furniture, accents such as knobs available at Anthropologie which is a great way to add a personal touch in a small and yet large way. Fun pillows, mirrors, footstools and more make everything on a completely different level while providing you aesthetic zen.

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