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November 14, 2015

Savor Saturdays ~ Behind the Scenes with Dolce & Gabbana's, The One

<iframe width="800" height="450" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/e3WawbgnJ-M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p>

Behind the scenes of the new video for The One fragrance for him and her by Dolce & Gabbana. In this short film, Hollywood powerhouse Scarlett Johannson and Matthew McConaughey reprising their role in this traditional Italian family home.

November 07, 2015

Savor Saturdays ~ Rouge Noir Absolument, Chanel

<iframe width="800" height="450" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/gcCROkMpZIw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p>

This holiday season, Chanel beauty is an essential with their Rouge Noir Absolument collection which allows black o become red. The dark and chic nature of this series of items from nail polish, lip hues etc is extremely striking.

September 17, 2015

Trendy Thursdays ~ Customize Your Beauty

Customization is always key no matter what and what better way then an essential beauty tool. Although I have my brows threaded, I find that a pair of tweezers is essential to have on hand. Today, Tweezerman launches their engraving program that can be done on a number of their tools including your brushes. You can purchase them online and can choose between colors, tools, fonts, characters (stars, hearts, hashtags etc) and more. This is definitely a statement that you can enjoy having within your collection.

August 22, 2015

Savor Saturdays ~ Vogue, Models of the World

With September Issues hitting the newsstands, there will be spreads within these issues that will continue to be thought of well past the delivery date. Of course this made me think about one of my favorite spreads in a September Issue. In 2010, Vogue's September Issue ran a spread that was shot by Steven Meisel which focused on the changing landscape as it pertains to beauty within fashion. Models within this spread include Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls. It's such a stunning and deeply visual textured (tapestries, furs, brocades) with the looks that are included within this spread.

For me, it's things like this that become moodboards for future projects. What Sept Issue sticks out with you?

July 24, 2015

Fashionable Fridays ~ Work by the Pool

The summer lends itself to working by the pool on a Friday or any day where you find yourself heading to the beach or at home but still want to get some work in. I spend a lot of my time outside to pull for shoots, meet clients and to style on location. But the opportunity to work from home to get a number of things done whether for my work as a Statement Stylist, Mens Athleisure, appearances as an Accessory Expert or this site - is a treat.


I can work from anywhere but when I am outside I am all about protection, hydration and finding Zen! Below are my must have items for the sun.

Protection: Sun Bum is one of my favorites to use they are a full line of sun protection for the body and hair. I love their 70 (also have this is 50) sunscreen as well as their spray cool on (I also have this in a cream and it is available for a gel). Your skin is protected, it has a nice scent and it is a great look within your tote. My sunglasses from BCBG Max Azria, protects me from the sun as they are polarized and are a great shape with a thin frame. I live for Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and the lavender scent is my favorite! When I'm running around in the heat, my beauty hack is to have it on areas of the skin that rubs against each other (thighs) as it ensures that my skin doesn't get irritated (heat and skin constantly coming together is not a great mix).


Hydration: You should always stay hydrated and if you follow me socially, you know that I am obsessed with mybkr which I have had for a few years in a range of colors. Recently I received this blue one from the Dove team (along with my monogrammed towel) and I take it everywhere as I love the silicon wrap that is perfect for the gym, commutes and poolside. Usually mine is filled with water but today it's green tea mixed with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum - so refreshing!

Zen: It's all about the tunes and my Sol Republics are a must wherever I happen to be when I want to zone out!

June 06, 2015

Savor Saturdays ~ Jessie James Decker: Music, Bikinis + Clearblue

Yesterday, I had the chance to chat with Jessie James Decker, who is a country pop singer, designer, reality star (she appeared on Eric & Jessie: Game On with her husband, Eric Decker who plays for the New York Jets) - is also a mom who partnered with Clearblue as she used this for both of her pregnancies! Before she prepares to have her son, Jessie shared with me how she has been working double time with her album that will be released soon as well as her swim line. As a busy mom, she always brings Vivianne Rose with her (or her mom or sister assist). She also enjoys her partnership with <a href="www.amoreandsorvete.com" target="new">Amore and Sorvete</a> as she was able to create a swim line that allowed her creativity as well as the need to find the perfect suit came together.

<iframe width="800" height="450" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/5el4sOohYcs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

As I spoke with her, you got the sense that everything about Jessie is all about being natural and her sense of family and being able to do the most that she can within her lifestyle comfortably is essential! In Jessie's partnership with Clearblue, she appears talking about moments in finding about when she knew she was having a baby, further memories are curated from other mom's to be which showcases how exciting of a time this can be. As this video was presented prior to Mother's Day, it was meant to honor moms while also realizing that they should be celebrated year around! Enjoy the video.

May 14, 2015

Trendy Thursdays ~ Dove Advanced Care + Style

After a busy day of pulls for upcoming styling appointments, it was great to enjoy a bit of a rest at Trump Soho with the Dove team. As a longtime fan of the brand, it's always great to see how they will share their message of soft nourished skin within our lifestyle. At this event, it was all about feeling and smelling great as well as being able to see a number of fashionable finds that are perfect whether you're heading to yoga, jog or going to your barre class. Visit the site to learn more about #LoveAtFirstSwipe as well as winning a trip to Paris for two.

May 12, 2015

Treasure Tuesdays ~ A Night Out Makeover

| BCBG - <a href="http://www.shopathome.com/bcbg-coupons.html?ATID=739871#POID=9349<br /> " target="new">Runway Aldisa Dress</a>; Join the BCBG Email List & Receive 15% Off Next Order + ShopatHome.com: 2% Cash Back + 50 ShopGold Rewards | Nine West - Helena Snake - Embossed Mini Tote; Up to 30% Off Styles Across Women's, Bags and Accessories expires + ShopatHome.com: 4% Cash Back + 50 ShopGold Rewards | Nine West - Danyell Ankle Strap Sandals; Up to 30% Off Styles Across Women's, Bags and Accessories expires + ShopatHome.com: 4% Cash Back + 50 ShopGold Rewards | Lord & Taylor - Clinique - Spring Into Color Set; Free Shipping on your $99 Order (or $49 for Beauty Purchase) + ShopatHome.com: 3% Cash Back + 50 ShopGold Rewards |


When the weather changes, any opportunity to be outside, with your friends or just to change up your routine is a welcome change! With many of us having pretty challenging winters, the sun and its warmth is definitely worth taking in. This feeling extends to a night out as the idea of not carrying extra layers around or debating pretty shoes that are chic vs those that protect against the elements – is no longer a thought. Just like you refresh your home each season, the same care and attention should be paid when it comes to ensuring that your date night looks are also made over.


With any turn over that takes place within your closet, start with your key pieces. When it comes to a night out, you're going to want to have your core components covered: a skinny and a flared pant (this could be a jean or a legging), simple tees, a blouson top, maxi dresses, LBD and LWD options. These are great items that can be worn throughout the day and can be layered or worn alone. Once you have your core pieces, you can think about items that are trend focused or even components that may not be something that you would wear from day to day. Perhaps you want to include moto jackets, leather pants, kaftans and more. Within this picture is a great dress from BCBG, directly from the runways which is perfect to go from desk to dinner.

After securing your clothing, accessories is the place to really splurge as anything goes within this area! Scour your favorite shops in order to get tribal necklaces, layered charms, cocktail rings and an array of statement jewelry. When it comes to a night out whether with your girls, a group of friends or a significant other, clutches, hobos and satchels are an essential to carry around items that get your through the evening. When it's time to think about shoes to complete the look, the options are endless from flats, espadrilles, wedges, ankle boots and so much more. Many of these items can be mixed again and again and worn into upcoming seasons for a refreshed look. Accessories are so key and in addition to having great shoes, Nine West always has great finds that really allow your look to go to the next level with their handbags and clutches!


| Lord & Taylor - <a href="http://www.shopathome.com/lordandtaylor-coupons.html?ATID=739902#POID=9354<br /> " target="new"> Clarisonic - Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution</a>; Free Shipping on your $99 Order (or $49 for Beauty Purchase) + ShopatHome.com: 3% Cash Back + 50 ShopGold Rewards | Lord & Taylor - <a href="http://www.shopathome.com/lordandtaylor-coupons.html?ATID=739904#POID=9356<br /> 9352" target="new"> Laura Mercier - Verbena Infusion Signature Collection</a>; Free Shipping on your $99 Order (or $49 for Beauty Purchase) + ShopatHome.com: 3% Cash Back + 50 ShopGold Rewards |


Finally a Date Night Makeover would not be complete without thinking about beauty elements. Whether you're into showcasing your eyes, lips, cheekbones and more – the right look is essential to pull the entire look together. The great thing about this is that when you're planning this makeover for this (or other portions of your closet), you can get them over time or at once. Lord & Taylor is a great place to enjoy an array of brands to add to your cosmetic bags from Clinique, Estee Lauder and so much more whether you are looking for skincare or cosmetics.

In addition, it's always nice to get a little help which is where ShopatHome.com comes in. ShopatHome.com is your online portal to connecting you with discounts across a number of your favorite retailers that you would normally shop at; moreover, when using them you're getting access to an array of codes and rebates to ensure that you're not only getting your look but doing so with a little help. Through its networks of partners and online retailers and more than 60 million members, you are assured to enjoy an array of coupons and Cash Back offers for savings and rewards. You can find them on their site as well as their social handles where there are more opportunities to be connected to savings, gift cards and more deals.

April 16, 2015

Trendy Thursdays ~ #StyleNotes Beauty In my Bag

As a fashion stylist, I am constantly on the run whether I'm looking for inspiration to style my shoots, personalities and more - which means that in addition to the many accessories that I love to wear, luggage and bags are one of my favorites to use as they have to look great but be super functional! You never know what may be in my bag but the times that I actually get to do my job with less baggage is such a win!

I love rocking a big bag but today, I will be in and out of a few runway shows for Bridal Fashion Week. My favorite show, Romona Keveza takes place today and as she has a stunning penthouse in Rockefeller Plaza I love ensuring that I am super chic. So today I'm rocking a bag from Magnes Sisters that I received about a decade ago which is perfect for brunch and going to shows. My bag always has my must haves. Today I am sharing the items that are always in any bag that I own (yes when I get a new bag, I make sure to store the following which stays there:

| Tampax | Pocket Pearl; available next week, compact in size not in usage and colorfully wrapped | You Smell | Lemon Verbena Aloe; stay refreshed all day with these wipes | Smashbox | Lipgloss | Izak Zenou | Illustrated cosmetic bags | Doru Olowu | notebooks | Onyx | wearable communications; stay connected wirelessly | Ted Baker | floral scarf |

April 10, 2015

Fashionable Fridays ~ Beach Glam

Last month I had the pleasure of being in such a tropical location where the days were perfectly toasty and the nights had just the right breeze. In Riviera Maya in Mexico, I loved rocking beachy looks by today and sophisticated chic by night. The look was easy to put together and allowed my natural glam to glow as I do love a healthy dose of that dewy bronzed kiss look.

On this trip, my makeup essentials came within my geometria zip clutch by DVF which included Laura Mercier (which has great coverage and is hydrated), Estee Lauder's bronzed in a fab shade of pink and to pop the perfect peachy lip, Jane Iredale. On this night as we were heading out to a French focused restaurant on property at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, I rocked a 60's style chic tunic by Laundry by Shellie Segal.

Kimmie is a Celebrity Statement Fashion Stylist, Style/Accessory Expert and TV Personality who is the Co-Founder and Style Director of Athleisure Mag. She is also the Fashion Editor of DJ Mag and contributor to MIMI (Time Inc's beauty site) and Vogue.it. Accessory Agenda is a behind the scenes look at her work on and off set as well as items that are on her essential list for your wardrobe.

As a Fashion Stylist, Kimmie's work has been worn on a number of celebrities, personalities and has been published within an array of magazines (Esquire, DJ Mag, Heaven Has Heels, Velvet Magazine Dubai and more). You can see more of her work at Statement Stylist as well as her full portfolio. You can also find out more about Mens Athleisure which is co-founded by Kimmie focusing on menswear fashion editorials.

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