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November 12, 2013

Treasure Tuesdays: Accessory Expert Travels ~ Escriba

The posts from my Barcelona trip last week with Crest 3D White and Shakira continues! On my first night arriving in Spain, I had an amazing dinner at Escriba with the members from MSL, Crest and of course the editors from around the globe. The wines in Barcelona are phenomenal and as I'm a huge fan of paella, it was great to have an authentic meal! In addition, I love how they showcased a number of our dishes in the large pans. I also enjoyed the desserts and Espresso (I rarely have this but after being in Seattle for a few days, getting to NYC for a few hours and hopping back on a reedy eye - it was very much so appreciated).

<i>What I Wore: Von Vonni wrap dress, Shay Accessories rollo chain link bracelets, Ana Reign cocktail onyx ring, Brahmin handbag and Wanted sandals.


June 08, 2009

Mingling Mondays: Miami Edition ~ Tapas y Tintos

Live Music @ Tapas y Tintos

Flamenco Dancers @ Tapas y Tintos

Today is an interesting day! I'm flying back from South Beach (is it time to go back to NY already) and I have my last day of Internet Week coverage for Pepsico as well. This weekend I headed out to Miami to enjoy sun, good food and dancing. All of this was achieved and as you will see on Jetset Getaways in more detail, this is a new focus on the site. On Saturday night, I was excited to check out Tapas y Tintos which I knew they were known for their tapas and thankfully I came later in the evening to see Flamenco dancing!

Although it was raining a bit, we (in honor of Jetset Getaways, my traveling partner was Crystal, founder and baker extraordinaire of Tasty Morsels Bakery) found Tapas y Tintos to be packed and thankfully we snagged the last table. I love the intimate vibe and how helpful the entire staff was. I enjoyed the Gambas al Ajillo (shrimp sauteed with garlic) Paella de Mariscos (seafood paella) and we had Tortilla Espanola (an amazing potato dish as you know how much I love potatoes)! I also enjoyed the mojitos as well (which I had quite a few and spent most of my Sun recovering from them) - they were perfect. Although the food is amazing, the entertainment is definitely something that you don't want to miss! The live music (amazing guitar player) and the Flamenco dancers was such a treat! In this video here, I have a segment of these two women dancing and if you check Jetset Getaways, you'll see me on video getting up there and strutting my stuff - no I wasn't dancing Flamenco but I did put on a show after was brought up on stage. If you're looking for a fun night whether it's you and your girlfriends or a large group, this is a great restaurant! Then, go next door to Cafe Barcelona for a fun bar experience (yes I danced and the bar and no there isn't any video footage of that!) that has great music and such a fun vibe!

January 05, 2009

Paul's Honest Meal: New Years Resolution

Just like the rest of us, I made a couple of New Years Resolutions as well. First and foremost, I’d like to lose about 15 pounds by March. And my second resolution is to find the best paella restaurant in New York City. Following the El Faro debacle, I feel the need to find the best paella spot in the city and I need your help to do so. I would love for the readers to suggest their favorite restaurants that specialize in paella. I don’t care where they are located, the price level or the ambiance; all I care about is level of deliciousness of their paella.

All of the suggested restaurants will be evaluated, reviewed and eventually a list of best paella restaurants will be compiled and presented. The picture above is courtesy of Spanish Recipe which has a recipe that you should check out.

December 22, 2008

Paul's Honest Meal ~ How Far Can El Faro Go?

It’s that time of the year again; filled with crowded shopping sprees, annoying relatives and of course family dinners. I want to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. But, all of this Holiday cheer comes with a slight warning – if you find yourself and our loved one in the city on the corner of Horatio and Greenwich Street and you are in the mood for something delicious by all means stay away from El Faro. But then again, if delicious food is not your thing then this Spanish juggernaut is all yours.

How far can El Faro go? Well, the simple answer is not very far. But, for those of you that need to know the juicy details, the following statements are facts and as always the final judgment is left up to you:

1. Paella is delicious.

2. As long as the food is great; the atmosphere, the service and the appearance of your date for the most part can be dismissed as mere accessories.

3. Just because the owner of a Spanish restaurant might speak Spanish does not necessarily mean that the food is going to be amazing.

4. The editor in chief of Kitten Lounge was the only delicious item in El Faro.

5. Never believe online restaurant reviews, unless they are written by yours truly or if they happen to be a positive review of El Faro.

6. El Faro is “known” for its paella and it’s the absolute worst thing that I have ever tasted in any Manhattan restaurant.

7. A fraternity brother’s room is cleaner and more inviting than El Faro’s dining room.

8. Saffron should be used in any variation of authentic paella; however El Faro seems to disagree and chooses to roll with the grey variety.

9. Fresh seafood is the key to any successful paella and once again El Faro is not on the same page.

10. El faro has by far the worst paella and I would rather dine on a frozen fish stick then to insult my palate with their creations.

Once again, Happy Holidays and my present to all my readers is the knowledge that El Faro and “delicious” have long been separated and that their difference are irreconcilable.

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As a Fashion Stylist, Kimmie's work has been worn on a number of celebrities, personalities and has been published within an array of magazines (Esquire, DJ Mag, Heaven Has Heels, Velvet Magazine Dubai and more). You can see more of her work at Statement Stylist as well as her full portfolio. You can also find out more about Mens Athleisure which is co-founded by Kimmie focusing on menswear fashion editorials.

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