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February 06, 2010

Sippin Saturdays ~ Refocus

Like many of you, I woke up this morning to finding snow on the ground and realizing that it was still falling (and hoping that it doesn't hinder my plans for an awesome Super Bowl party tomorrow). I also woke up with clarity on a number of issues that I have been grappling with and after a slightly wompy event yesterday, everything fell into place. I'm definitely in a huge period of transition right now. Those who know me know that it has been a crazy period of months and it's just about to get stepped up to an entirely different level. Obviously, announcements will be made but until then, I had to refocus and ensure that many of the core elements (you can hear more about how Kitten Lounge came to be via a recent interview) that brought me to this place, are still being met!

This journey began when I first got to NYC in 2002 and it was all about reaching out to people and keeping an open forum where I could connect with others and that is the essence of everything that I do. I love letting people know about each other and spreading the word about it. Whether you're an indie designer, artist, baker, etc - Kitten Lounge is a fab forum that brings everything together as I think that your greatness should be shared and this will continue here and on additional ventures that are coming up. My journey also began with my love for accessories and that is something that will continue to be a main stay here as many of you know I build my outfits starting here first. To that end, I woke up this morning and as I flipped through Vogue Latin America, I found my self falling in love with so many designers that I wasn't aware of so expect a focus on international labels as that is so key to me. You can also expect more coverage of international fashion shows which is something that I have covered on previous blogs but I don't necessarily always do it on here.

Also, events are key. I attend a lot and if you follow me @cocoabebe, you have been there when I'm at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the #markgirl event with Mark Cosmetics and Lauren Conrad and much more. Kitten Lounge is also doing events and I definitely want you there to reach out to you in person! So if you're in NYC and still looking for a fashionable experience, I want to see you at the Tory Burch shopping event that I am co-hosting on Feb 25th from 6 - 8pm but you can only attend if you RSVP so get your name on the list! Of course this fall, the first Fashion Cruise - Style Pod will set sail with a little Social thrown in for good measure. Jeannine Morris of Beauty Sweet Spot, Karen Robinovitz of Purple Lab and myself will be sailing the ocean leaving from Ft Lauderdale and heading to Key West and Cozumel in Oct! You can find out more details here but with rooms getting snapped up, you'll definitely want to make sure that you have your space locked in!

Of course, if you know that you work in PR or Events and you feel the need to refresh your wardrobe with some amazing outfits, I'm organizing shopping trips at the fabulous Carlisle Collection so that you can not only get outfitted but that you get pieces altered to your specifications. Earlier this week, I posted about an outfit that I will be receiving in April and I'm beyond thrilled about how amazing my selections were. It'll be a fun time to get together so let me know if you're in NYC and would like to come out!

Oh how I love Saturdays that are filled with clarity and tea! As a final piece of info - I am in a major shoe shift. Last year I was all about Jimmy Choo (obvi I still love them) and you noticed that many outfits were paired with these shoes. I am now all about Christian Louboutin. I think it really struck home for me when I was at an event listening to a panel and saw the signature red. It was like a little light went off so you will notice that this year, I am focusing on these fab heels and when I get my first pair, of course I will have to share although I know a certain someone who will be getting hers soon and I'll have to post about that soon!

Kimmie is a Celebrity Statement Fashion Stylist, Style/Accessory Expert and TV Personality who is the Co-Founder and Style Director of Athleisure Mag. She is also the Fashion Editor of DJ Mag and contributor to MIMI (Time Inc's beauty site) and Vogue.it. Accessory Agenda is a behind the scenes look at her work on and off set as well as items that are on her essential list for your wardrobe.

As a Fashion Stylist, Kimmie's work has been worn on a number of celebrities, personalities and has been published within an array of magazines (Esquire, DJ Mag, Heaven Has Heels, Velvet Magazine Dubai and more). You can see more of her work at Statement Stylist as well as her full portfolio. You can also find out more about Mens Athleisure which is co-founded by Kimmie focusing on menswear fashion editorials.

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