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Accessory Agenda (formerly Kitten Lounge) curates a globally accessory driven lifestyle celebrating an array of styles within this category.
February 17, 2009
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Treasure Tuesdays: Stay on Twitter With Baby Phat

Fact, it is hard to get into various Fashion Week shows unless you know someone or do a great song and dance to get in. As we go from season to season, many designers are finding ways to make the runways accessible whether it's running the footage on their site or having Twitter access. Baby Phat is doing just that! For those of you that are on Twitter or have been on the fence about it, if you go to Baby Phat's Twitter name and follow them, you'll know what's going on during the show! I love this as you'll not only hear about what's hitting the runway but you'll know tidbits that some of the people watching the show many not be privy to! Don't say that it's impossible to get in as you just got the best access one could ask for!

September 18, 2008
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Trendy Thursdays ~ What Looks Timeless at 25?

I remember when I was little playing with various Cabbage Patch Kids and also My Little Ponies. I didn't think about how old they are; however, both are 25 years old this year! Cabbage Patch Kids will release a special doll that will be apart of their 25 years being one of the favorite toys that we enjoyed playing with it. I love that they come in silver foil and that kids will continue to enjoy this tradition.

Now from Cabbage Patch Kids we move to My Little Pony! Now on their special website - My Little Pony Project, various people came together to design the ideal toy. Such celebs as Kimora Lee, John Stamos, Amy Grant and more re-interpreted this favorite toy and of course we have a few here for you to view. If you like what you see, you'll want to check out others who have joined in as well. Enjoy stepping back into time and thinking about what you did with your favorite toys and how it is possible that I am 4 years older than them!

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