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September 22, 2016

Trendy Thursdays ~ Makeup Tips and Tricks That Every Woman Should Know

Are you a makeup enthusiast who is always looking for tips and tricks to make your makeup last longer or look better? Depending on their beauty routines, women have different ways of applying makeup and making it last longer. Here are some tips that might come in handy during makeup application:

Turn eye pencil into gel formula

Hold your eye pencil over a flame for a second and let it cool for a while – at least 15 seconds. Once you do this, its consistency will change, making it easier to apply. The newly made gel formula is smudgy, meaning that it will glide easily on your skin.

Cover eyelids with white liner

Do you want to make your eyelids pop? Make sure that you use white eyeliner after applying sheer eye shadow. Run the white eyeliner over your whole eyelid to make the eye makeup look more colorful. It's opaque consistency intensifies eye shadow, making it pop immediately against your skin.

Use a spoon for the perfect winged liner

Hold the spoon's stem against the outer corner of your eye then draw a straight line. Turn the spoon over and make sure that it hugs your eyelid then use its rounded outer edge to make the perfect winged effect. Who knew that a spoon could be used in makeup application?

Use a spoon to prevent mascara from covering your eyelid

As you hug the spoon to your eye, apply your mascara as you usually do. As you sweep the wand against your eyelashes, you will notice black smudges on the back of the spoon, not your skin. If you do not use the spoon, you might get mascara on your skin and end up wiping your eyelid makeup when trying to remove it.

Use saline solution to make flaky mascara wet

You are supposed to use mascara for 3 months only. If you extend your usage for longer, it can collect bacteria and cause eye infections; this is not worth it, so you need to replace yours frequently. If your mascara dries up within the 3-month time period, you can rewet it using a saline solution.

Just a few drops of this solution will be enough to bring your mascara back to life.

Heat your curler with a hair dryer

Do you want your eyelashes to curl more easily? Blowing hot air from your hair dryer to the eyelash curler will allow your lashes to curl faster and stay that way longer. This technique works the same way a curling iron uses heat to hold a curl.

Hit the curler with a blast of heat from your dryer until it warms up. Let it cool for a few seconds to avoid burning yourself and clamp down on your eyelids. Curl your lashes the way you usually do and they will remain curled for longer.

Use a bobby pin to apply eyelash glue

The tip of a bobby pin can apply eyelash glue to the base of your false eyelashes evenly. Give it a few seconds to get tacky then apply the lashes onto your eyelids. Of course, you can use your hands to apply the glue, but the results might not be as good.

Conceal dark circles by creating a triangle

If you have a habit of dotting concealer beneath your eyes, you should consider applying it in a triangular formation. The base of the triangle should start beneath your lashes and point to the bottom of your cheek. Creating this shape will hide any redness at the sides and bottom of your eyes.

Moreover, it creates an instant illusion that your face is lifted because the brightness is the most intense below your eye.

Blot your face with clean toilet seat covers

If you are in a bind and do not have any blotting papers, you can use toilet seat covers. As disgusting as it sounds, toilet seat covers and blotting paper are made from the same material. Therefore, it can help to soak up the excess oil on your face.

If you follow the above tips when applying makeup, the application process will be a lot easier. Moreover, you can save money by adding saline solution to flaky mascara.

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