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November 04, 2012
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Snazzy Sundays ~ A New Day

As we're barely in the month of November, there are so many things that are going on. Here on the East Coast we work harder to get back to our lives with the aftermath of Sandy from getting back to our schedules, reconnecting with people and pushing forward. We're days away from the election, days from the holidays, just reset our clocks an hour back and just having that sense that the calendar year is about to flip to 2013. It's a lot of change and whether you're overwhelmed or excitedly forging ahead, there is a sense of getting in the mindset to move forward!

For me, my job requires that I do a bit of traveling generally a few days here and there and I have to have everything I need nearby and to make it functional so that I am not lugging an insane amount of items. I have been obsessed with fabulous luggage from weekenders, rolly bags and garment bags! With the sense that I am going to go into these last few weeks determined to do some shake ups of my own, today's post is based on this vibrantly yellow Cantarelli bag. It makes me think of travel whether I am on HSN, designing a line, doing a press trip or actually getting a much needed getaway! There is something about yellow that is powerful and subtle. With the need to push forward, I find that when I get focused in one area it spills into everything. So changing it up within my decor to continue my inspiration, yellow can be infused within my bathroom with Home Source International towels. In the kitchen there are a number of ways to pop in yellow just to freshen things up with Spoonula sets from Rachael Ray, a cast iron pot from Staub, a tea and/or coffee set from Bed Bath and Beyond and fabulous bowls from BIA Cordon Bleu. When it comes to entertaining and bringing friends over, keep it fun with these ice duck trays from Lekue and keep them cold by placing them in this Bodum bucket with ice pincher!

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