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November 01, 2007

Trendy Thursdays ~ Just Add Patron XO Cafe

Patronxo_2  I always love trying something new especially when you tend to drink the same things - it's a great way to shake up the taste buds! When I think of trying something new, I love trying a new variation off of something that has already been proven. In this case, I am a huge fan of Tequila and in my mind, Patron is the only one that I drink when I'm out! The fab people at Patron have launched Patron XO Cafe which is a tequila that contains a coffee liqueur. Initially, I enjoyed this chilled. It has a great flavor for those that enjoy the smooth taste of Patrons' tequila with a refreshing coffee flavor; however, I wanted to see how the flavors tasted when mixed.


I have tried Patron XO Cafe in two additional ways. First, I wanted it included in milk and actually had it as a drop in my soy milk which was a great way to drink it; however, I went on the website and tried the Raging Bull. This drink simply mixes Coca-Cola, Patron XO Cafe and a few drops of lime. I love how the coffee flavor is very distinct in comparison to the coke and lime. This is a drink that has a spicy taste and is perfect for the summer or the winter. As far as my favorite drink, I would have to say having it on the rocks. It's amazing how smooth this is and how you'll enjoy sipping it throughout the evening. When visiting the site, you'll see that there are a variety of ways to mix this beverage and it can also be included in ice cream. For more ideas or to become more familiar with this new spirit, visit Patron XO Cafe!

Raging Bull
1/2 Lime
1 1/2 oz Patron XO Cafe
Chilled Cola

November 01, 2007

Trendy Thursdays ~ Carolyn NY Knows the City

Carolynny_2 Every Friday I have a favorite activity! No matter how long the week has been, I feel the need to go to get my nails done. It's so nice to have some quiet time whether I get a manicure or a pedicure. No matter what, this is the perfect time to just enjoy my own company and think clearly. My favorite spot, Dashing Diva - I love the super girly look of the salon. Until recently, I was a fan of their colors exclusively. It wasn't until I was introduced to Carolyn NY via my blog, See Pretty Things that I became hooked on a nail care line that totally embraces the essence of the city (yes I bring it with me every time I go to my salon).


Mugged_1_2 Although I love wearing a variety of pink hues, with the fall coming into full gear, I love playing with darker colors. My current favorite for pedicures is Mugged on the 6. This deep berry color looks so decadent and brings out your inner vixen whether you're hanging out down the street, going to work or whatever activity you find yourself. Carolyn New York is the new must have for your nail polish collection. Visit the website to be introduced to a variety of colors that have a name, experience and story to go with each one. Visit the site to see their offers for September and pick up a few hues that tie in your favorite loves of the city.

Kimmie is a Celebrity Statement Fashion Stylist, Style/Accessory Expert and TV Personality who is the Co-Founder and Style Director of Athleisure Mag. She is also the Fashion Editor of DJ Mag and contributor to MIMI (Time Inc's beauty site) and Vogue.it. Accessory Agenda is a behind the scenes look at her work on and off set as well as items that are on her essential list for your wardrobe.

As a Fashion Stylist, Kimmie's work has been worn on a number of celebrities, personalities and has been published within an array of magazines (Esquire, DJ Mag, Heaven Has Heels, Velvet Magazine Dubai and more). You can see more of her work at Statement Stylist as well as her full portfolio. You can also find out more about Mens Athleisure which is co-founded by Kimmie focusing on menswear fashion editorials.

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