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October 22, 2014
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Wearable Wednesdays ~ Behind the Scenes on a Vogue Shoot

I love knowing how a shoot comes together and as I have done my fair share, it seemed perfect to share one on location. Join Vogue as they are offsite in Jersey with the Young Designers and up and coming models in the countryside.

October 21, 2014
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Treasure Tuesdays ~ RIP Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta SS15

I believe that if you asked me which brand do I remember talking about first even when I was much younger, it was a toss up between Chanel and Oscar de la Renta. My earliest memory was opening one of my mom's fragrances which was an Oscar de la Renta from the early 80's and smelling the most intoxicating scent. I would sneak into my mom's room every so often to smell this and I remember feeling so grown up when I wore this vintage fragrance for my prom! The Dominican born Oscar de la Renta had the honor of dressing 5 First Ladies including none other then Jackie Kennedy. When I finally made my way to the Dominican for a vacation in Punta Cana and again for a number of design trips during my time as a collaborative designer for Sebago, I always thought of how beautiful this country was and his homes that were there that I'm sure carried his phenomenal style.

Oscar de la Renta RIP

A woman was completely dressed when wearing his dresses, statement jewelry and more. He knew a woman's body and had a flare for the dramatic (recently he designed the wedding gown for Amal Alamuddin for her recent wedding to George Clooney). As this is a huge loss for the fashion community, some of my favorite pictures from his collection from his NYFW SS/15 runway show are included here. Oscar's legacy will continue on in terms of dressing a woman who has a sense of self, but his passing is one that is very sad to hear about.

October 20, 2014
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Maker Mondays ~ OwnPhones, Wireless 3D Printed Ear Buds

When I first met my boyfriend, one of the first things that I knew about him was that we had mutual taste in music and an intense need to have the best headphones to hear it. He introduced me to Ultimate Ears as he loved having the perfect fit of headphones that were molded to his ears (I also love that he chose the design) so that he didn't have to adjust them. In addition, he informed me that a range of musicians and vocalists used this company as a means to achieve the perfect sound. Although I never received a pair, I made a note that I should get a pair as I'm constantly traveling and although I have a series of headphones that I enjoy the sound, I dislike having to adjust my in-ear headphones every now and then.

A few weeks ago, OwnPhones just completed a very successful Kickstarter campaign which focuses on the world's first wireless 3D Printed Ear Buds that allow you to take your sound with you while fitting your ear and having the ability to be customized. They represent the best in 3D Printing, Bluetooth technology, cancelling noise around you and personal audio that result in 4 main categories that have endless options when it comes to showcasing your personality. They truly work within your lifestyle as they are ergonomically custom fit and stay in place when you're running around, biking etc.

Itamar Jobani, founder and CEO, OwnPhones - "OwnPhones represents a new paradigm in manufacturing – instead of producing millions of identical earbuds for different ears, we 3D-print ear buds tailor made to each user. Ears are like fingerprints - each one is unique, so we were able to develop earbuds that are custom made to actually fit your ears properly!"

OwnPhones Fit

OwnPhones Fit are 3D printed ear buds that are fit for you you by scanning your ears with the OwnPhones app. They are wireless so you don't need to worry about getting tangled in your cords. Another category known as the OwnPhones Designer Fit present the same great components but the style is enhanced by choosing your choice of graphics and glossy finishes to best suit you.

OwnPhones SmartFit

The Smart Fit incorporates SoundScaping with a more advanced digital signal processor to give you the power over what you hear and what you don't. This allows you to choose how much you receive notifications from the world around you. Environmental Sound Level allows you to opt in on whether you don't hear anything from the outside or a combination of your favorite tunes and streets sounds that are outside of the earbuds. Real World Notifications allows you to configure specific sounds to be heard via the mobile app whether you need to hear an alarm clock, train announcement or a friends voice. In Own Status, you can let the world around you know whether you are able to communicate as the lights indicate whether you are available to be engaged. A red light says you're busy, yellow denotes you're still busy but can be approached and a green light shows that you can chat.

OwnPhones Jewelry Collection

The final category, OwnPhones Jewelry Collection allows you to enjoy your music while being in complete style. This is their entrance into audio fashion which allows you to choose your design or shape and to add silver, brass, bronze, gold plating or gemstones.

October 19, 2014
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Style Sundays ~ Guess Campaign, Holiday 2014

Guess Holiday 2014 Campaign Japan

Earlier this year, I went to Tokyo for the first time for my sister's wedding and fell in love with the country as soon as we landed. Guess' Holiday 2014 Campaign focuses on Japanese Holiday. Photographed by Chen Man (who has worked with the brand before), he shot in Japan. Models Megan Williams (Women 360 Management) and Karmay Nagai (Viva Models) take in the sites of Japan from Tokyo to Mount Fuji. The red and black dominant looks were styled by Satoshi Hirata which brings in dramatic accessories with must have earrings, clutches, necklaces and boots.

See more of the campaign at Fashion Gone Rogue

October 18, 2014
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Savor Saturdays ~ Dior RTW Fall Winter 2014/2015

Enjoy Dior's Ready to Wear, Fall/Winter 2014/2015 video that showcases great looks that include statement handbags and shoes that are perfect to round out your wardrobe this season.

As Seen in/As Seen On

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