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February 26, 2015
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Trendy Thursdays ~ JP & Ashley Talk The Bachelor Predictions & Puffs

I am such a fan of ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelorette between seeing the people vying for the love and affection of their intended, hometowns and the madness that ensues - my Monday nights have been booked through a number of seasons to watch what happens during the look for love! I had some time to chat with JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Herbert who recently gave birth to Fordham Rhys Rosenbaum (Fordy) last fall (these pictures were US Weekly exclusives). I had to find out about who they think Chris will choose, what it was like when it was during their season and why they have partnered with Puffs for their young family. I grew up using Puffs and I bring them on set with me when I'm fashion styling my shoots and with this weather, it's an accessory that I never leave the house without!

With The Bachelor being down to the final two, what is it like during that downtime in terms of waiting for the final dates and then the selection What did the two of you do off camera in terms of collecting your thoughts and preparing? I'm sure that elements of this will be done by the final two and Chris?

Ashley: This time is arguably the most difficult part of filming. We spent all of this downtime thinking about our feelings, our last date, and overanalyzing everything that was said and done. You don't have a phone, a television, internet, or even a book, so you are left to sit and think about your feelings over and over again. This downtime is very unique because it's probably the only time in our lives where we weren't distracting ourselves with technology, or searching for answers to our questions within other people; the only place we had to look was within ourselves.

J.P.: There is certainly a LOT of time to think, but at this point in filming, everything in my mind was pretty clear and I just wanted it all to be over so we could be together and start the next chapter of our lives together. I was pretty confident in the outcome, so I tried just to enjoy myself. It was also probably the most relaxing time in my entire life. No responsibilities and simply living the life in beautiful Fiji without a care in the world.

Who do you think he will choose and who do you think could be the next Bachelorette?

Ashley: We both think that Whitney and Becca would be good choices for Chris. They are both sweet and smart, and it's obvious that this is the type of girl he is looking for. Most people like a girl with an edge, but it seems like Chris likes the girl-next-door type of girl. If we had to choose one, we would say he would pick Whitney because she is certain about her feelings for him. Becca is slow-moving with her feelings, but we think she would be the better choice for him in the long run.

We think the next bachelorette will be Kaitlyn. She is cute, sweet, smart, funny and she has that edge that America loves!

I enjoyed watching your season and now that you have been away from that environment, got married and have a child, what advice do you have for someone who is looking to participate within an upcoming season whether they are the Bachelor/Bachelorette or one of a larger group of people that are vying to win a coveted spot in someone's heart?

Ashley: We had a great experience on the show, so we would urge anyone that is in the right mindset, and in the right point of his or her lives, to definitely do it. Just be yourself, don't be overly eager, don't force anything, and enjoy the magic!

J.P.: Agreed. The odds are certainly stacked against you with regards to coming out the other side happy, in love and engaged. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself, don't go in with any expectations and just be YOU. Oh, and most of all have fun! This is a once in a lifetime experience that not many people get to have!

Lucky you that the two of you live in Florida but in NYC, and in many areas it has been pretty brutal with the weather so any comfort is better than none! Why did you choose to partner with Puffs and how is it beneficial during cold and flu season?

Ashley: As new parents to a 5 month old, we've become increasingly aware (paranoid) of illnesses and the discomforts that go along with them. We've partnered with Puffs to help bring awareness to the importance of staying healthy, and to help provide relief from the symptoms of a cold. Puffs helps you to put your best face forward during this terrible cold and flu season.

I love life hacks and use a lot of them as I am a fashion stylist and I bring Puffs (love the packaging and the fact that it is soft sided which makes it very portable) on set to actually assist in some of my styling needs. Do you guys have a lifehack that you use Puffs for that may be beyond the typical use of blowing your nose, using as you cough, etc.?

Ashley: We always carry Puffs in our diaper bag, but we also have them scattered around the house for the sudden drooling episodes from our teething 5-month old. They work like a charm, and are so soft that they don't cause irritation to his face! It makes for one happy baby and Mommy!

February 26, 2015
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Trendy Thursdays ~ Accessorize with Clearblue

It's been a crazy time period as you know I have been styling my celeb and personality clients, checking in on what's coming up in future seasons for NYFW FW/15 and I've been doing a number of segments. In the midst of all this activity, a few weeks ago, I attended Claudette to learn about a new innovation from Clearblue which not only continues to track your pertinent information whether you are attempting to conceive or just want to know more about your vitals but is really an accessory that you can carry in your favorite bag of choice.

The Clearblue Touch Screen Fertility Monitor allows you to track your information and is a great way to showcase your cycle that is unique to you, fertility and can be shared with your doctor. The fact that it fits easily within the palm of your hand and can be placed in your bag is great! On this date, we also enjoyed hearing from Dr Donnica Moore and Dr Fiona Clancy that shared this innovation and also debunked some myths that people had in terms of figuring out when was an optimal time to conceive. Even for those such as myself who are not looking to expand their families, it's a great tool to just track what is going on with you which I think is powerful to have without relying on writing items down.

For those that wish to conceive, sometimes you need to step away and to sync your schedule you can get assistance with Clearblue for the ultimate Conceptionmoon in Paris!

You also have a chance to WIN one of five $250.00 hotel gift cards. Please see below for sweepstakes additional sweepstakes information.

Sweepstakes Information:

BabyCenter.com's ConceptionMoon Sweepstakes. No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win. Void where prohibited or restricted. Open to legal residents of the 48 contiguous United States, including the District of Columbia, and at least 18 years old at time of entry. Starts 02/09/2015 at 12:00:01 pm Eastern Time ("ET") and ends 03/20/2015 at 11:59:59 am ET. For full Official Rules, including full eligibility requirements, all methods of entry, and prize descriptions, visit conceptionmoon.babycenter.com. Approximate Retail Value of all prizes: $5,500 USD. Sponsor: Clearblue & BabyCenter.com. Administrator: Brandmovers, Inc.

February 25, 2015
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Wearable Wednesdays ~ American Pearl, Custom 3D Printed Fine Jewelry

Earlier this month, I learned about a game changer within the fine jewelry industry, American Pearl which is a custom 3D Printed Fine Jewelry destination that allows you to create your favorite piece from a range of styles and at more of an affordable price point due to the process of creating it. I had the chance to chat with the team to find out more about the brand, the secret sauce and who has rocked their pieces. Above is the ring that I selected which is comprised of 14K rose gold, black diamonds and a stunning Akoya Black Pearl within the Crest ring style! Next week you will see it in action while I am away in Riviera Maya as the Hard Rock Hotel will play host to myself and him for a few days.

ACCESSORY AGENDA: I have been a fan of the innovations in 3D Printing beyond it being a great way to begin laying out a piece within a CAD program. What elements of 3D Printing are used here (current industry uses include precious metal printing which used metal materials of varying gold minerals to create pieces)?

AMERICAN PEARL: We use 3D Printing to create the model that will be used to make the cast precious metal pieces. The design of the 3D Printed models are controlled by our proprietary platform that outputs perfectly calibrated designs based on what end users customize using our graphical user interface on American Pearl and American Diamond Shop. Printing in precious metals, known as sintering, is done on rare occasions as it is usually more costly for the typical jewelry piece.

AA: What portions of the process are cut out in terms of making this piece in comparison to the traditional method?

AP: In the old way, jewelers would sit at a bench for weeks with a torch, gold wire and off the shelf jewelry parts and spend weeks welding them together in the hopes of creating a beautiful artful piece. In other instances wax carvers would labor for endless hours by hand like a sculptor using chisel and stone to try and create the original design for a piece of jewelry that will be part of the lost wax process. Today, all of this is eliminated as digital designs, controlled by end users using americanpearl.com's proprietary Graphical User Interface are sent from our website directly to a 3D Printer using our cloud based pipeline.

AA: Although you offer an array of pearls, which types have been the strongest sell since you have adopted this method?

AP: With such a vast inventory of products (Even more than Tiffany & Co.) we really do sell an equal amount of all kinds of jewelry: rings, earrings, necklaces, wedding bands, pendants, bracelets and custom pieces. Our sales are distributed over all these categories. Because of the mass customization we offer, within each of these categories, we sell different metal colors, different metal purities and different gemstone kinds.

AA: Each season there is a trend within the jewelry industry that dominates for that year In relation to American Pearl, what do you think that is?

AP: Ever since the precious metal gold soared in value, we have found consumers wanting to purchase a lot of larger gold-rich pieces that satisfy their need for fashion and art but also satisfy their need to make a good investment.

AA: How have Millennials embraced pearls and do you think that the assortment of American Pearl has supported that for your brand?

AP: Pearls are very fashionable. We have seen, for example, pearl engagement rings soar in sales over the last five years.

AA: Are there additional technologies/innovations that you are working on that will be incorporated into the design of your jewelry?

AP: Absolutely. We are working on multiple incredible new innovations that complement what we do that are proprietary at the moment.

AA: Can you share celebrities that have sported American Pearl jewelry?

AP: Yes. Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick are two for sure as well as Miley Cyrus. There are others but I promised not to speak of them.

February 24, 2015
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Treasure Tuesdays ~ Oscar Sunday, Styled by Accessory2

Oscar Sunday had a lot of wins with our favorites obtaining the coveted statue as well as great performances. In addition, via my co-founded Creative Styling Tech House, Accessory2, we styled Roshonda Payne who was a Social Media Correspondent for Access Hollywood and Vanity Fair at the Vanity Fair Social Club.

Bariano Australia dress, LFR Designs Large Baroque Pearl set in Sterling Silver surrounded by Black and White Swarovski, Nina Shoes provided the rest of the accessories including: Zea Bracelet, Gwendy Earrings and Lockhart Clutch.

February 23, 2015
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Mode Mondays ~ Oscar Red Carpet 2015 Arrivals

Last night the stars hit the red carpet with a return to glamour and a thankfulness (as seen by acceptance speeches) for their families and those that were outside of the industry who lent a hand to their fame. As the carpets cleared, it was easy to state that neutral tones (blush, white, nude, etc) dominated the carpet and of course red made itself known and was worn well!

Gone Girl's, Rosamund Pike wore Givenchy in a bold red (which was perfect for her bold character from the movie) and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning and princess like dress by Elie Saab. I must say that this is one of the best monochromatic looks (in terms of skin hue matching the material of a garment), that I have seen in awhile. Her look is accessorized with a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch, Neil Lane Jewels and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. David Oyelowo wore Dolce & Gabana in his red tux which definitely is a way for a man to buck the trend of the classic black (or now blue) suit. His look was accented by Jimmy Choo and studs and cufflinks by Kwiat.

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The Edit: Hard Rock Hotel 03/15

Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya All Inclusive Experience

Fashion Stylist and Accessory Agenda's, Kimmie Smith will be heading to Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya at their All Inclusive Resort from March 1st - March 4th. While there, Kimmie will share news on their new wellness spa treatment that is a must as well as showcasing fashion and style as it pertains to a vacation getaway! During this getaway, we will also break Spring's must haves in style, beauty and wellness. Enjoy real time coverage via her social handles on Twitter and Instagram and follow along with #TheEditHRH, #TheEditSpring15, #TheEditWellness and/or #HRHRivieraMaya. In addition, we will have exclusive coverage (via our content partnership) on Lucky Magazine.com which focuses on Rhythm & Motion Spa treatment and on the trip as a whole so you know what to expect when you come to visit! Of course an additional post will be included right here on Accessory Agenda.

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