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May 25, 2015
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Mode Mondays ~ Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day as you continue the long weekend. Although the official day of summer doesn't start until next month, this weekend is a kickoff unofficially! With that said, it's definitely that time of year to think about all the summer parties, hanging out on the beach, travel and so much more. The summer of 2015 is bound to have a lot of amazing moments and a number of them will be shared here to connect you to the best of what is out there. Make sure that you continue to check out the #AESummer15 guide which will ensure that your summer style will continue to stay on trend with new additions over the next few days.

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May 24, 2015
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Style Sundays ~ Dryel, Style's Best Tool

As a Fashion Stylist and Accessory Expert, I am constantly on the go styling photoshoots, celebs and going on air for TV segments and more. Many times, my schedule is not dry cleaner friendly as who knows when my day begins and ends or if I can get back to where I need to be?

As a Dryel ambassador, I joined the team to learn not only about the product but how it truly works within your life! I simply new the brand as one that allows you to dry clean from the comfort of your home, apartment's laundry room and more. But realizing that these powerful bags can have up to 5 garments placed within it, simply spray the booster spray to take away any stains on the clothing and then place the cloth within the bag. After zipping it up, you steam it by having it in the dryer for 15 - 30 mins and then taken it out and hang it up!

Enjoy watching the video which breaks the steps down. In this video, I placed my favorite blazer within the bag and a recently purchased dress from a vintage shop while I was in Seattle for Champions Summit. Being able to clean both and to get them refreshed over the weekend without having long wait times is an essential!

Would you like to try Dryel for yourself? I am giving away 5 kits simply follow me on @AccessoryExpert and tweet myself and @Dryel on what your favorite garment is that you would normal dry clean! I will select 5 winners at random who can enjoy trying it for yourself on June 1st! Instructions are below.

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May 23, 2015
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Savor Saturdays ~ Hello Robin & Molly Moon, Seattle in Ballard

Earlier this week while I was in Seattle for Microsoft's Office Champions Summit, I had the opportunity to enjoy a number of restaurants and eateries. Without a question, one of my favorite places is Hello Robin which is a phenomenal cookie store (their Molasses cookies as well as their Big Bad Bourbon treats were phenomenal. Upon my visit, I had both of these cookies with Honey Lavender icecream in between. What's interesting is that I didn't know (until I came back to NYC) that the cookie shop houses their friend, Molly Moon (they have a number of locations around the city for just their icecream) from May to September within the HR location to enjoy their fantastic icecream!

As someone who doesn't have a lot of sweet treats and is not the biggest icecream person, I truly enjoyed the flavor and loved it with the cookies! No wonder there were lines out the door and why the Microsoft team was so excited to have us try these amazing treats.

May 22, 2015
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Fashionable Fridays ~ #AESummer15 Guide

From now until June 5th, I will add a number of brands that I think are must haves to enjoy this summer. Powered by Microsoft's Sway (as you know I am an Office Champion), this will highlight everything you need to know about these great finds! Inclusions will cover fashion, style, beauty, travel, treats, mens and women's. In addition, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram to get additional details about them as well - stay in the conversation with the hashtag #AESummer15 as these are all Fashion Stylist and Accessory Expert approved!

May 21, 2015
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Trendy Thursdays ~ What's In My Tech Bag

I am always working and I can do this from anywhere as many times my office is in a showroom, hallway, coffeeshop, on set and more. The only way to ensure that the workflow doesn't stop is that I have the best tools from hardware to software that allows everything to be seamless. As I prep to head home from another successful and insightful, Office Champions Summit with the Microsoft team in Seattle, I am eager to see how my enhanced tools will amplify what I do and how I do it! It's also awesome to be an ambassador of a brand that you really use and love working with the projects that they create - if you knew how many Excel, OneNote, OneDrive activities I do, you would be surprised and yet it is reflected in my work in the way that everything is seamless and gets done!

My Surface Pro 2 is now upgraded to a brand new Surface Pro 3 which is so much lighter and as soon as I entered my email address everything was laid out just like my previous computer (no nervousness about spending time trying to find my way). While at Microsoft, it was great to talk to those who designed the Surface from the standpoint of its actual fabrication (one of the team members came from the house of Alexander McQueen and a number of other design brands - when you're typing on your keyboard the tactile design innovations on the front and the back of the board are great to work with). My Misfit Shine which was a great tracker has definitely been updated to the Microsoft Band. With my previous computer, my mouse was connected via a USB which made it difficult when I wanted to use the one USB port for a memory device (I solved this by having a multi USB device). My new mouse is the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition which is Bluetooth enabled and paired easily!

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Kimmie is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Accessory Expert and TV Personality who is the Co-Founder/Creative Director of Accessory2, a Creative Fashion Styling Tech Firm.


Fashion Stylist and Accessories Expert, Kimmie, is attending this year's Governor's Ball on Randall Island in NYC as a guest of Dove at their cabana on the day of June 7th which will include an array of acts such as Lana Del Rey and the Black Keys. In addition to attending, Kimmie will live tweet and Instagram musical acts that hit the stage, festival fashion (Kimmie just contributed to DJ Mag in their June 2015 issue on festival fashion) and what is a must to wear not only during festival season but throughout the summer and beyond. If you are interested in being included within the fun, please send an email to Studio@AccessoriesExpert.com for more information as she will share what she is bringing, wearing and more from 9am until 11pm on the final day of the 3 day musical event.

The Edit: #AESummer15

On May 22nd through June 5th, Fashion Stylist & Accessory Expert Kimmie will share her must have items for a stylish summer. New finds will be added throughout this time period within fashion, style and beauty. Join Kimmie via Twitter and Instagram as she highlights more information on the brand with the hashtag, #AESummer15!

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