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September 18, 2014
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Trendy Thursdays ~ "Simply" Beautiful, NYFW SS/15

Spring is the season of rebirth; a time to shed winter layers, and let the fresh, shiny, and new shine through. Even we fashionistas and beauty mavens -who traditionally love to layer on style- also adore and welcome trends that require taking it off.

While the Spring NYFW did see pops of color, glitter, and then some, we couldn't help but be drawn to the sheer simplicity we saw on many of the faces, manes, and nails of runway models.

Barely there makeup, windblown locks, and nude nails graced runways from Michael Kors to Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone to Ralph Lauren.

Take a look at some of our favorites, and get ready to "bare" down next year.


Makeup Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham; SOURCE - My Daily UK

Makeup Michael Kors

Michael Kors; SOURCE - Style.com

Versus Versace Makeup

Versus Versace; SOURCE - The Fashion Spot


Rag & Bone Nails

Rag & Bone; SOURCE - Pinterest

Phillip Lim Nails

Phillip Lim; SOURCE - Style.com

BCBG Max Azria Nails



Tory Burch Hair

Tory Burch; SOURCE - W Magazine

Michael Kors Hair

Michael Kors; SOURCE - StyleBistro.com

Calvin Klein Hair

Calvin Klein; SOURCE - Harper's Bazaar

Guest Contributor:

Nicole Walker is a lifestyle and social media content writer at Health Beauty Life in San Diego County. She's worked in the fashion & beauty industry for over 5 years, has been choosing her own outfits since she could walk, and has watched more episodes of What Not to Wear than she cares to admit.

September 17, 2014
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Wearable Wednesdays ~ The Watch Collectors' Roundtable

The Watch Collectors' Roundtable Aaron Faber NYFW SS/15

Last week as NYFW came to a conclusion, I attended the famed Aaron Faber Gallery to hear about the watch market place in terms of collecting vintage versus contemporary via their annual The Watch Collectors' Roundtable which included a panel as well as a Whiskey tasting at its conclusion.

This event was moderated by Financial Times jewelry contributor and Forbes.com jewelry and watch correspondent, Anthony DeMarco, watch industry insiders Edward Faber, co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery and author of American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design, Michael Friedman, Historian for Audemars Piguet, Gary Girdvainis, editor of Wrist Watch magazine and About Time magazine, and Jonathan Snellenburg, Ph. D., Director of Watches and Clocks for Bonhams New York weighed in on the marketplace preference for vintage vs. contemporary watches, while debating the mystique of vintage watches against technological innovations in modern fine timepieces.

After the roundtable, the floor was opened to questions which continued the conversation of vintage and contemporary watches. Of note within this discussion of horologie, Paul Farkas (my co-founder of Accessory2 as well as our Smart Watch editor here on Accessory Agenda) asked about hybrid and smart watches in terms of their place within this portion of the marketplace. Hearing the panelists thoughts on this topic was interesting and when the audio of this panel is available, it will be shared here. At the conclusion of this lively discussion, a fine whiskey presentation hosted by Mahesh Patel, founder of the Universal Whisky Experience shared samples of his finest whiskey as he discusses the practice of whiskey collecting as an investment.

September 17, 2014
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Wired Wednesdays ~ NYFW & Fashion Tech

Acer Accessory2 NYFW Photoshoot Fashion Palette Styling SS/15

It's been a hectic series of days and I feel as if I have finally wrapped a number of open issues on NYFW as I begin to focus on fall, holiday, upcoming styling projects and more. This season (as is the case every season) it was all about technology as I had quite a number of items with me in order to keep it all straight from my schedule, staying charged, being able to quickly share my work on the fly and to make notes on a number of things. As I mentioned right before NYFW, I had my mobile office at the ready for everything that I needed. I used a number of items interchangeably for a number of reasons but have to say that during NYFW being able to test run the Intel Tablets was definitely a great way to see how it handles.

The fact that it links into my Google items is key since I use Gmail quite a bit so when it comes to updating my calendar, providing notifications that if I want to stay on top of my schedule, I need to leave in x amount of minutes and the best way to get there whether I'm walking or taking the subway is fantastic. I like the range of notifications that I receive from who is responding to my Instagram posts, Tweets etc - super important during NYFW. I could link into my Office platforms to pull up my spreadsheets (you can truly see how this was used from today's post) as I was pulling items to style for my 16 shows at Fashion Palette. While I took meetings (literally standing in coffee shops or backstage) I could show what my styling agency, Accessory2 was working on from what we had just styled for the runways of NYFW as well as photoshoots. Having everything in the palm of my hand as it is 8" was great. Another feature I use quite a bit is that I love using the voice recognition to create my emails. Sometimes two hands aren't just enough and I would say that it's about 80% accurate so it's not too much to edit. I can also manipulate what apps I need to stay on my main page for convenience.

Two other MUST have items this season also included my SKITS Geek Case which is a lifesaver when you're someone with a lot of tech that needs to keep it organized while staying fashionable. This was also mentioned within a previous post but is worth noting as I was never looking for my wires or ensuring that my stylus that I use on my Surface Pro 2 (as I am a Microsoft Office Champs) wasn't being squeezed between other items in my bag. I love that it has a number of compartments that keeps everything in their place.

This season my entire team stayed connected with the Anker which is a portable charging device that is such a lifesaver for your phone. With 3 ports that allow you to plus other devices in, a simple shake ensures that you're powered and that you won't miss any action backstage or at the shows. It also makes sure that you're not walking around searching for outlets. I can say with full certainty after putting it through the paces of NYFW (as well as my team whether they were shooting backstage, styling with me or heading to meetings for our business), that hands down it is the best charger out there that I have seen, ergonomic and a must for the person on the go.

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

September 17, 2014
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Wired Wednesdays ~ How I Styled & Organized this NYFW SS/15

NYFW Office 365 Fashion Palette

It's been a crazy NYFW as there were a number of shows to attend, people to meet and of course, my co-founded styling agency, Accessory2 was the Styling Partner for Fashion Palette, a platform for established and emerging Australian designers to showcase themselves on Sept 7th at Pier 59 Studios as apart of their NYFW. Knowing that there were a range of designers (RTW and Evening/Bridal) that would be accessorized from shoes, jewelry etc and the amount of brands that would be involved to facilitate the completed looks for their SS/15 collections - I knew that there was only one way to keep it all organized!

NYFW SS/15 Fashion Palette Lexi Clothing

As you know, I am a Microsoft Office Champion which means that I share a number of the latest finds that are taking place within Office 365 and its related properties in terms of the subscription service, the online version (which is free to use) etc. I began by creating an Excel spreadsheet that allowed me to organize my work by creating the first page which had my overall information: designers, needs, extra notes etc. As I worked throughout the weeks, more detailed notes were applied such as models and their sizes. Then I created sub tabs that allowed each designer to have their own page which allowed me to include notes in terms of inspirations for their looks, desired accessories and what was confirmed. This was saved to OneDrive (Microsoft's cloud) so that I could simply send links for updates. This came in handy when I was obtaining lookbooks as I could store them there and alert my designers without worrying about sending large files. Even those designers that didn't have my subscription service of Office 365 could utilize my documents via Office Online and could interact seamlessly.

Isabel & I NYFW SS/15 Fashion Palette

As the shows completed and I began to do my recaps, I turned to OneNote. OneNote is like my mental scrapbook that can take in a lot of information and saves automatically. It's a place that I can either store items from a notes perspective or a means to share with others! In OneNote as I began thinking about how I was going to create the overall recap of what Accessory2 did during NYFW this season, I was able to import the main page of my spreadsheet in terms of where I started for the intake of my information. I then created additional tabs by designers showcasing each of the shows that ended up being my favorite looks. This will be great for a quick reference as well as to organize any thoughts I have. OneNote just launched some exciting items for those that use or are interested in using you can check them out here (OneNote for Android Wear and OneNote App for iOS8). In addition, Office Lens which is a favorite of mine which allows you to take images and then to straighten them (great for when you're at the runways of a show, at a conference taking images of slides/whiteboards or anything at an angle) has an update which is great to send scanned images from OneNote to PowerPoint and Word, all in OneDrive as opposed to just sending it to OneNote previously.

My info that I used within OneNote as my scrapbook of sorts became my springboard for my actual deck that summarized our styling which was created via Office Mix (which is supported by PowerPoint). This type of PowerPoint is as multimedia driven (in terms of being able to include Excel, charts etc) as OneNote but is in the slide format that many of us have grown up with versus the other being more of a Notebook.

Accessory2 Styling Partner of Fashion Palette NYFW SS/15 @ Pier 59 Studios, Sept 7th

In the end, I stayed organized and use this kind of flow for all my styling projects such as The Saturn Awards, Emmys and upcoming styling for The United Colors of Fashion and Lingerie Fashion Week. Being able to constantly update information, provide access (whether it is open for editing or simply to view) and to have the versatility to manipulate it whether from my Surface Pro 2, MacBook, Windows Phone etc without missing a beat (as well as being able to make changes and them being automatically uploaded without needing to change links) is essential whether you're styling the worlds stage or keeping it together for your personal use, school or day to day needs!

September 16, 2014
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Treasure Tuesdays ~ Burberry Prorsum, LFW SS/15

One of my favorite runway shows from London Fashion Week always includes, Burberry Prorsum See yesterday's SS/5 show from beginning to end including an array of trenchcoats, gorgeous handbags and so much more. It's the perfect merge of apparel and accessories brought to life on the runway.

As Seen in/As Seen On

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